Welsh Gourmet Grocer Driving Sales, Experience Using Tiled Digital Menus At Order Counters

October 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A good sign that digital signage is increasingly mainstreamed tech in grocery is when screens start lighting up in local and one-off groceries, and not just with the bigger, deeper-pocketed supermarket chains.

This is the Cardiff Seaside Market – a gourmet grocer in Wales in guess what city – which has added a pair of tiled LCD video walls at its meat/seafood and deli counters.

The new six screen video wall in the meat and seafood area changes content between ocean scenes and food visuals pulled from the store’s social media accounts, while the deli has five screens and integrates queue management to put some order to the whole “who’s next?” dynamic of people waiting to get their slices of prosciutto.

The screens are driven by Wallboard’s CMS and the project was designed by Red Dot Digital Media.

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