Indian Jeweller Pops Up In Chennai Mall With Ambitious, Digital-Filled Experience Zone

October 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

India’s largest jewellery retail brand is using a pop-up immersive experience in a shopping mall in Chennai to showcase a new collection of pieces inspired by an ancient Indian dynasty, with a custom room set up on a mall concourse and driven by display and interactive technologies.

Tanishq, which is part of the Tata corporate conglomerate, has the pop-up running at the Palladium Mall in Chennai. The set-up was delivered and managed by Inventech, part of the Laqshya Media Group, and uses a variety of technologies, including what appears to be an LED video, projections, sensor-driven gesture interaction and augmented reality for selfies showing visitors wearing some of the earrings and necklaces.

Says the PR:

The exclusive experience zone is a unique fusion of technology and tradition where users can don the Chozha collection, inspired by the famous Chozha dynasty of south India. It is aimed to create a highly immersive and personalized 3D experience for the audience with the Chozha collection inspired by the golden age of the Chozha dynasty.

An interactive technology kiosk was created where users selected the intricate jewellery pieces from the Chozha collection, which was presented in 3D, creating a visual delight for the viewers. It includes 3D holographic videos, fingerprint scanners, and intuitive virtual and augmented reality. Furthermore, the customers explored various chapters of the craftsmanship and the process of making the Chozha collection a masterpiece through an interactive Chozha book where hand gesture sensors control the digital projection book. An intuitive augmented reality Chozha mirror has also been created where users are invited to be a part of the Golden Age of Chola, wear different pieces of the Chozha collection, and celebrate their legacy. In addition, this customized experience video for every user with different jewelry pieces of their choice is also sent to them for social media amplification.

To truly experience the pride of that era and the intricate craftsmanship which celebrates the art, architecture, and literature of the jewelry,” says Ranjani Krishnaswamy, GM-Marketing for the Tanishq brand,“we invite you to an immersive experience where tradition meets technology. You can experience the grandeur of the Chohza dynasty and the deep design stories that have inspired beautiful first-of-its-kind jewelry that is befitting for the Pudhumai Penn of Tamil Nadu.”

“To mesmerize the audience with the latest Tanishq Chozha collection inspired by the golden age of the Chozha dynasty, we created a customized immersive experience center at Palladium Mall, Velachery, Chennai,” explains Sommnath Sengupta, CEO of Inventech. “The commuters engrossed themselves in immersive content and technology in the entry as they stepped inside the zone. To showcase the jewellery and its various inspirations from the dynasty, an interactive technology kiosk is created where users can select the Chozha collection and experience the inspiration in a visual delight of the Jewellery pieces in a 3D immersive way.”

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