E-paper License Plate Maker Reviver Gets Full Approval For Use In California

October 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The company that has developed connected, e-paper replacements for stamped metal license plates on motor vehicles has just cleared a huge business hurdle, with the state of California making them fully legal.

Reviver, based in that state’s capitol, had been running a pilot in one small part of the state since 2018, but now the government has made them legal across the state, joining Arizona, Michigan, and Texas (just for commercial vehicles). The company says “more than 10 additional U.S. states are in various stages of adoption.”

These things are akin to electronic shelf labels, just a lot bigger (6″ high by 12″ wide). The digital plates allow for personalization, but the interesting thing is how the units are tied to management software that can automate renewal of plates and eliminate the need for things like physical tags and stickers. Owners can also customize the plates in light and dark mode, and set personalized messages at the bottom of the plate. 

The battery-powered plates cost $20/month. Hard-wired versions for commercial vehicles only cost $24.95/month.

It would be reach to lump this in with digital signage, but the ease, convenience and traceability of updated information on these e-paper plates will have a similar ring to just about anyone selling more conventional digital signage technology. 


  1. Mike Stubblefield says:

    Lot’s of potential for a “personalized message at the bottom of the plate” – wonder what the guidelines are there. Interesting on the security front – they almost would have to reset the plate once a week/day to make sure someone that potentially hacked it doesn’t output a fake plate number

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