The 2022 Sixteen:Nine Mixer At DSE Is Sold Out

October 13, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The annual Sixteen:Nine DSE2022 Networking Mixer is now sold out, with 325 registrants and another 80 or so set aside for sponsors. So we’ll have a full house once again for the mixer on Nov. 16th in Las Vegas!

In more normal times, before COVID and before the show’s original organizers went under, the event sold out in a matter of days. It took about a month this time, but I’ll admit when I fired up the ticketing I wasn’t quite sure how many people we’d get, given the show is being rebooted and COVID is still very much in circulation out there.

If you did not manage to score a ticket in time, there are usually several that come free as sponsors determine they don’t need their full allotment or attendee travel plans change and they can’t make it. So watch this space regularly and I will re-open ticketing with spares, probably in a couple of weeks. Tickets were actually exhausted last night, but I found some duplicate entries and a couple of people had to cancel, so I opened up a few tickets … which are now also gone!

You can also hit up sponsors if you know them (see below). They have their own ticket allotments (albeit limited).

As a reminder, the event is on the 16th at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip, 3rd floor, the evening prior to the formal opening of Digital Signage Experience.

Thanks again to the sponsors!

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