4,000 Sq. Ft. LED Tunnel Switches On With Credit Union’s Domination Campaign At Dulles Airport

October 7, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The airport advertising side of Clear Channel has lined a passenger tunnel at Washington’s Dulles airport with some 4,000 sq. ft. of LED display and block-booked its use, over several years, by a giant U.S. credit union.

The new Concourse C Connector at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is called the PenFed Tunnel because the digital and print ad domination campaign in the walkway is part of a multi-year, multimillion dollar partnership and sponsorship with PenFed Credit Union, the country’s second largest federal credit union.

The DOOH and OOH marketing campaign includes the custom digital media tunnels, with directional audio via sound cones bookending the tunnel, plus a set of printed fabric posters. The marketing campaign, suggests Clear Channel, “provides PenFed with 100% share of voice in the terminal, a marketing first at the airport, helping the brand to reach millions of air passengers every day as travel hits pre-pandemic levels.”

“This immersive digital marketing campaign is like nothing we’ve seen before in an airport,” suggests Morten Gotterup, president, Clear Channel Airports. “The magnificent digital displays that make up The PenFed Tunnel provide a ‘Wow Factor’ with audio and visual effects no other brand has previously activated. This exciting brand activation will engage millions of air travelers and inspire them to take action.”

“The audiovisual displays bring new vibrance to the travel experience as passengers move through the tunnel between Concourse C and the AeroTrain station at Dulles International Airport,” says Airports Authority Vice President for Marketing and Concessions Jaimini Erskine.

No indication in the PR of display and play-out hardware suppliers, or the integrators. UPDATE: Nanolumens says it is the display tech supplier.

I’m underwhelmed by the content approach (you have these looooong ribbons, so use them and play with them), but it’s early days and the creatives will likely learn how to make more interesting use of the unusual digital canvas. One clue is how ribbon displays are used in sports venues.

  1. Debbie Febriany says:

    Hi Dave! FYI these are Nanolumens’ displays.

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