ISE Opens Registration For Early 2023 Edition Of The Giant Pro AV Trade Show

October 6, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Registration has now opened for Integrated Systems Europe 2023, which is set to run January 31st to February 3rd in Barcelona, Spain.

The biggest pro AV trade show on the planet has, as I type this, 656 registered exhibitors, with 216 of those identifying in some fashion as being in digital signage. Experience and common sense tells me a chunk of those would be better described as kinda sorta vaguely in digital signage, because they have products like cables and connectors that are part of the infrastructure. But there are also many pure-play digital signage vendors, as well as all the big display vendors – LCD, OLED and LED.

There is a dedicated hall – hall 6 – for the smaller vendors in digital signage and DOOH, while the vendors who do a lot of trade across multiple categories – the Samsungs and so on – are in one of the central halls with much larger booths.

I’m not sure this ISE video achieves much, but here’s the ISE 2023 promo video on digital signage.

As in past years, the exhibit halls are open for four days – though Friday is nominally shorter, closing at 4 pm instead of 6 pm, which means more time that last day in Barcelona for tapas.

I’m already booked to go and looking forward to getting back for the first time since early 2020, when the show came off just as COVID worries and restrictions started to really take hold. People who attended may remember some big vendors like LG pulled out, but the show was still quite busy. It was the last one in Amsterdam, and the subsequent editions of ISE have been hybrids in Barcelona or big EU cities, virtual, or limited in attendees and exhibitor numbers (like last May) by what was going on with the pandemic at the time.

The pandemic is, of course, anything but over, but vaccines are prevalent and shows and events are pretty much back to the pre-COVID normal. The global Digital Signage Awards plan to do the 2023 awards event that week, and Sixteen:Nine will have a mixer tied in with that event and venue.

The ISE show site doesn’t holler out what’s new (I could not find education on the show site), but I am deeply disappointed there doesn’t appear to be a 2023 version of the super yacht technology summit done last year, leaving me, I suppose, to research and shop for my yacht online. Sigh.

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