Spanish Tourism Hotspot Switches On 22M Digital Icon In Central Pedestrian Plaza

October 5, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a new digital landmark installation in the city center of Benidorm, a tourist magnet city along a Spanish stretch of the Mediterranean coastline – a 22-meter-tall cylinder clad in semi-transparent LED.

The structure in a pedestrian plaza is used as sold advertising space, but also as part of the backdrop for public events like concerts. Called the Tecnohito, the structure uses display technology from LED DREAM Group, a Barcelona AV solutions firm. The digital structure has more than 300 sq. meters of display wrapped around the cylinder, using a blend of 16mm and 32mm LEDs for the mesh curtain. One interesting note is that using mesh LED, along with limiting the weight load, also allows high coastal winds to pass through, instead of buffeting the structure during storms. Transparency is roughly 67%.

The ad media is sold by the outdoor ad firm Exterior Plus.

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