French Theme Park Creates 360-Degree LED Theater For Tornado-Chaser Experience

October 5, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Via AV Interactive …

Tornadoes are mainly associated with the US Midwest, but they also happen in other areas and countries – including France. There’s enough of an interest in twisters, and the weather violence that they generate, that a theme park in France has invested more than 21 million EU to create a new attraction that features the biggest circular LED display surface in Europe and offers a virtual storm-chaser experience.

The screen is the feature piece of Chasseurs de Tornades attraction at a French theme park called Futuroscope, located toward the middle and west of that country. The video wall has some 800 Samsung 2.5mm LED tiles, and the 21K resolution is driven by four Modulo Pi media servers.

There is an LED media gateway leading into the circular theatre and there are 120 seats set on a dynamic motion set-up that can rotate, shift, rise and, let’s assume, shake. The immersive theatre takes thrill-seekers are taken on a storm chaser journey the attraction’s operators say is unique.

I don’t know my theme parks, but do know Universal Studios in Orlando had a Twister attraction for many years, but it was retired in 2015.

Here’s a video of the exhibit (in French) …

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