NYC’s Historic Tin Building Gets What’s Described As Biggest US Install Of LED-Embedded Glass

October 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

What is described as the largest US Installation of architectural-grade LED-embedded media glass has been switched on at the newly renovated Tin Building in NYC’s South Street Seaport District.

The historic building uses some 1,140 square feet of 20mm transparent LED glass on a divider between the marketplace area and the escalator – allowing patrons to see what’s available to them while coming in. The system uses LED glass from GLAAM America, which tis tied in with the Korean manufacturer G-SMATT. The system was intregrated and content delivered and managed by ANC, which has a brief and a concept video on the project (now open) here.

The view, says ANC, from the retail floor to the glass will be an ever-changing array of fully programmable content. ANC will tie into the existing proprietary control management system at Pier 17 to seamlessly operate all the new LED displays and Custom OLED products at the Tin Building as one audiovisual network.

The Howard Hughes Corporation has once again partnered with ANC to help with the further transformation of the South Street Seaport District’s landmark Tin Building with and Innovative and stunning digital signage and media network. Tasked with vetting the right product for the space, ANC worked with GLAAM America’s transparent, architectural-grade LED G-Glass product for the escalator enclosures.

The building also has new transparent OLED windows in a second floor area that offers clear views into the chef prep stations and cooking classes.

The 20mm display pitch puts some limits on what can be done with content, as it’s a little coarse for tight, well-defined visuals. But it works for simple motion graphics. Most of G-SMATT’s product in the field is being used as the outside-facing glass on buildings, with viewers seeing the LEDs at a distance that visually tightens the content.

Next week, as part of SEGD’s annual xLab conference, there’s a special tour of the building, followed by a cocktails event hosted by ANC at nearby Pier 17, which also has digital put in by ANC. If you are in New York next week (the event is one of the many social events of what is called New York Digital Signage Week), you can register here.

Not going myself. As noted in the past, the NYDSW organizers have done a good job of cobbling and encouraging a bunch of loosely and directly-related events, mostly social, into a “week.” But I can’t rationalize an ugly, expensive connecting flight to the city and $450/night shoebox hotel rooms to see the same assortment of business development and sales people at a bunch of mixers, especially given I’ll see them and many more a month later at DSE in Vegas. If you are going, safe travels and enjoy!


  1. Adrian Cotterill says:

    Loosely? “cobbling and encouraging a bunch of loosely and directly-related events, mostly social, into a “week.” err that’s DIGITAL SIGNAGE ! And as for your comment “mainly social” that’s not quite true because there are some very big conferences being held next week but having said that what do people always say about shows, the social and the networking is the most important part !

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Genuinely best wishes for the week, but not my thing. A LOT of the three third-party conferences going on do indeed have loose, at best, linkage to digital signage, but I agree it can be valuable for networking, though much more so if your company touches on digital out of home advertising. As someone who has been to the DPAA event a few times, I am comfortable suggesting most digital signage people won’t have a clue what the agency people up on the stage are babbling on (and on) about. That sector has its own language. ;-]

  2. Peter Livesey says:

    They’ll know what I’m talking about Dave – LEDs!

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