Appspace Deepens Google Ties With Chrome Enterprise Integration

October 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The workplace-focused software firm Appspace has a long history of developing tight ties with tech giants, going back to the years when it was largely joined at the sales hip with Cisco. More recently, the company has been working with Google, and those ties are now more formalized through what’s termed as Appspace for Google.

The company’s platform is now integrated with Google Chrome Enterprise, Meet, and Workspace, and Appspace is a Chrome Enterprise recommended partner.  

“Appspace’s decision to build for ChromeOS showcases the mutual determination of both companies to elevate the workplace experience,” says Raluca Monet, Google Strategic Partnerships Lead, in Appspace PR. “Appspace for Google turns Chrome devices into powerful productivity and communications tools for HR, communications, and IT teams, and strengthens our business partnership through one unified workplace experience offering.”

Organizations want to ensure employees receive and see company messages as soon as they are delivered. With Appspace for Google, companies can move from one channel to an omni-channel communications strategy through Chrome Enterprise digital signage and kiosks and Google Meet-enabled rooms. The seamless integrations make it easy to create and publish company content in less time and simultaneously reach all employees across Google-powered devices and software solutions.

Employees returning to the office need simple ways to execute common tasks like finding meeting rooms. Appspace for Google enables efficient room booking using Google-powered kiosks and room panels. In addition, employees can make hybrid working easier by reserving desks or finding their colleagues – all within Google Calendar.

The Appspace integration is across all Google software and hardware devices, including Google Workspace, Google Meet, Chrome, Android devices, and Google Calendar.

This seems smart, and I think reflects how digital signage software providers need to think increasingly about integrations that are part of larger solutions, as opposed to selling capabilities that need separate logins and deliver different user experiences. It also means it can be added on to technology already being used by large companies. So you can source, install, train for and manage a completely separate platform for something like workplace communications, or you can add capability on to something already budgeted, vetted, installed and actively used.

Appspace also has integrations with Webex (Cisco), Microsoft Teams and Slack. Google has recently been making a push of Chrome into digital signage, with workplace seen as a high-growth area (Chrome is already huge in the education market).

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