Small Venue In San Antonio Makes Big Investment In LED For Events Experience

September 16, 2022 by Dave Haynes


We’ve grown accustomed to new and upgraded venues for pro sports teams to include a lot of digital displays in the technology and game-day experience mix, but here’s a smaller and very different kind of new-build facility also filled inside and out with LED displays.

The new Tech Port Center + Arena is a technology and entertainment venue in San Antonio, TX that is tuned to events like esports and robotics competitions, as well as concerts for smaller acts and business conferences. The 180,000 sq. ft. facility has a reconfigurable 3,100-seat arena and gaming hall that can host anything from gaming to product launches.

All the LED kit is supplied by SNA Displays and it was put in by Digital Dreams.

Says SNA in a brief:

The arena features a trio of truss-mounted LED screens from SNA Displays’ BOLD Interior line of video display technology. The primary display is 19’8″ tall by 34’6″ wide and is flanked by twin 13’2″ x 26’3″ LED screens. All three displays feature a 3.9 mm pixel pitch.

Other key digital signage throughout the new venue includes several extremely tight-pitch outdoor LED displays. A pair of oversized, double-sided LED kiosks with a 2.9 mm pixel pitch are the tightest-pitch EMPIRE Exterior LED displays on the market, and an outdoor-rated 7’4″ x 14′ box office LED display features a 3.9 mm pitch. Additionally, there are several 10 mm exterior displays, including an 11’10” x 20′ screen that wraps around the building’s east corner and more than 250 linear feet of LED ribbon displays along the exterior of the façade. Combined, the Tech Port Center processes approximately 11 million pixels of LED canvas.

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