Growth In Public Display Market Flat In Q2; Chinese Lockdowns Affected Demand: Omdia

September 14, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Research and market analysis firm Omdia says growth in the public display market was just about flat in the 2nd quarter of this year, recording QoQ growth of just 1.1%.

The firm suggests strict COVID lockdown restrictions in China affected the demand for public display products in several sectors, including transportation, retail, and manufacturing.

IFP and touch displays saw their shipments rise to more than 550,000 units, translating to a 17.2% QoQ growth this quarter, a strong overturn from the 16% decline QoQ in 1Q22. Public displays performance in 2Q22 was also strengthened with video wall recording a positive QoQ growth (4.4%) following two consecutive quarters of decline QoQ in 4Q21 (-1.6%) and 1Q22 (-8.9%). Despite consistent positive QoQ performance since 3Q20, signage and information displays performance dipped to a 9.7% decline QoQ this quarter.

Editor: I assume IFP is interactive flat panel. Let me know if they have that wrong.

In 2Q22, IFP and touch displays claimed 35% of the public display market share, shipping over 550,000 units, the third time this product category reached the 500,000-unit mark in the last four quarters. China remains the largest market for IFP and touch displays at 37.1%. Subsequently, North America, Western Europe, and Asia & Oceania (especially India) are also quickly increasing their dominance in terms of market share as of late. Demand from various sectors in these regions, such as the retail, events, transportation, education, and corporate sectors, should spur growth in IFP and touch displays. In China, SeeWo leads in shipments with its 86-inch IFP and touch displays garnering the most demand.

The full report is here but it is behind a paywall:

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