This Clever Creative Makes The Corner Of A Dallas Office Block Come Alive

September 13, 2022 by Dave Haynes

One of the great visual tricks that LED is particularly useful for is picking up the characteristics and look of the immediate surroundings, and then creating surprises by transforming into something entirely different.

The first time I saw this was inside, years ago, at the Comcast head office tower lobby in Philadelphia. The whole back wall of a huge lobby looked the same as the wood panels on the lobby’s side walls, but the back was digital and the wall would come alive with visuals, like people walking on portions of what still looked like a normal wall.

That’s inspired other works, including this really good one on the lower corner face of a building in the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas. The creative hides the LED display at first by emulating the windows and finish of the office block, but then it comes alive.

Roger Ferris, the creative director for the digital district, writes on Linkedin:

Ever wonder what’s in the hidden places beneath a building’s skin? Watch as our building is transformed into a portal of discovery. Here, there’s something unexpected at every turn.
Sound plays a key role in this piece. Listen as the composition changes with each new material. From glass to metal to rubber to porcelain, each adds its own unique sonic texture. 
Beneath The Surface was created for the AT&T Discovery District by ATK PLN.

I couldn’t embed a video, but click here to watch it …


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