Spanish Apparel Retailer Lefties Opens Digital-Filled Store Of Future In Barcelona

September 12, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Details are hard to find, but this is the newly-opened “store of the future” from an apparel brand called Lefties – at a mall in Barcelona. Lefties os part of the giant Inditex retail group and I think it is positioned as an outlet store for fast fashion giant Zara.

The store has one hell of a lot of digital in it, starting with an LED set-up on the canopy and side walls of the entry from the mall concourse, and then extending into tickers on walls, some sort of experiential room and what looks to be a very large video wall at the self-service checkout area.

Says the retailer in announcing the store:

We’re very proud to present to you our new store in Barcelona’s Diagonal shopping centre. It’s an innovative space with the latest technological advances that offer our customers a fully digitalised shopping experience.

Our new Lefties Digital Store has global cutting-edge technology. Looking for a quick and easy payment method? Come and discover Easy Pay. It also includes new fully automated online collection and drop points so you can skip the queues. And if you want exclusive garments made just for you, stop by our new customisation zone, where you can personalise your clothes. Then you can try them on in our smart fitting rooms, where you’ll find an innovative turn reservation system.

And that’s not all! There are many other services there to offer you a unique shopping experience: enjoy our café service, free water fountains for customers and their pets!, arcade machines to show off your gamer skills, a separate returns counter to avoid queues, and a thematic area where you’ll find your favourite characters.

I looked for videos but could only find an inexplicable one with two Filipino women visiting the shop, having captured in the first 12 or so minutes their bus ride over. There’s another one at the store opening with the DJ doing the whole DJ hand-waving/head-nodding thing in front of one of the digital entry walls. No detail in what all is involved or who did it, but Instronic or Trison are semi-educated guesses.

Will have to make this a stop when I get to Barcelona, finally, for ISE early next year.


  1. PHILIP MARTIN says:

    Do you know which integrator installed it and with what cms and technology?

  2. Anthony Brady says:

    Is anybody know who is the integrator and the software? It’s totally amazing! Congrats!!

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      dunno … but guessing either Instronic or Trison/Necsum Trison


    TRISON and DENEVADS as cms

  4. Alberto Cáceres says:

    Good guess, Dave, it’s been made by us, TRISON

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