Lenovo Debuts Micro Form-Factor Chromebox Enterprise Aimed At Use-Cases Like Digital Signage

September 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

PC maker Lenovo has introduced a variant of its ThinkCenter line of computers geared to ChromeOS applications, including digital signage. The ThinkCenter M60q Chromebox Enterprise is a micro form-factor desktop intentionally small enough to tuck in and mount out of the way, like behind flat panel displays or inside enclosures.

The pitch with Chrome devices is that they are cloud-based and managed, secure and easily managed at scale by IT teams.

The M60q has the Google-designed Titan C security chip that hardens device security, and allows for things like sandboxing, data encryption and boot verification.

Chromeboxes have been around for several years, but Google has recently made a push outside of the education market, where there are millions of Chrome devices, particularly Chromebook laptops. One of the use-cases it is pushing is digital signage, particularly with the introduction of ChromeOS flex, which makes it possible to run Chrome on devices that weren’t built as Chrome devices and started out as Windows or Linux PCs.

I did a podcast recently with a Google product manager to talk about Chrome.

  1. Jason Cremins says:

    Interesting move by Lenovo. Adds a well respected and often chosen hardware partner for Google Chrome OS in the enterprise market.

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