The Sixteen:Nine DSE Mixer Is Back On For Nov. 2022

August 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A bunch of people have started asking me if Sixteen:Nine will be reviving its traditional networking mixer at DSE, and I can now comfortably say “Yes, indeed!”

The mixer that Sixteen:Nine has hosted ahead of the old Digital Signage Expo show will be back, run just ahead of the event that has been re-booted and renamed as Digital Signage Experience. It will run Nov. 16th at its longtime home, the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. As in the past, the event is on the third floor, with a big interior space and a large outside patio overlooking the mayhem on the sidewalk below.

The event is free to attend and sponsors help cover the costs of the room, the food and the booze, and other considerations. Usually, we get 350-400 people showing up, and one of the big distinctions between this and other social events that go on is we start late afternoon/early evening and we keep the music level WAY down, so people can actually hear each other in a conversation.

New (probably) this year is a pre-event panel discussion on the stage at the back of the room. I still need to pull that together, but the idea is that people can come an hour early for what is hopefully a lively discussion about industry issues. Admission to that will be part of overall admission.

The event will be the night before the trade show floor opens at DSE, at the LVCC. Unlike in past years, the event is running later in the week, with the exhibit hall opening on Thursday.

Who the heck knows what the COVID situation will be like by November. If anything is clear, it’s that people are generally back to traveling and trade shows, and no end of social events. I went to InfoComm thinking I’d mask up just about everywhere, but found social events just didn’t work with a mask on and a drink in my hand. So I slipped, but still dodged COVID!

The good news about the Hard Rock is that the space is very large and has high ceilings, allowing people to spread out more. That outdoor patio allows a breeze and more comfort for people who might be concerned. Then again, there’s also going to be people out there smoking cigarettes!

I found that in June, at InfoComm, I was in a group I’d say was less than 5% of people who were wearing masks in busy spaces, like the LVCC and in the hotels. It will probably be an even lower percentage by later this fall. I don’t think there’s anyone out there, at this point, who isn’t at least aware of the health risks that come with going to trade shows. As has often been noted by others, anyone who does a lot of trade shows has multiple stories of wicked colds and flus picked up while traveling. So people going to DSE, as with any business event, are going with their eyes wide open.

I am fine-tuning the schedule and registration forms, and the plan is to open free ticketing in mid-September, about two months before the event.

For DSE 2022, the sponsors who have stepped up to make this happen are:

I know I will get emails if I don’t note that I have the sponsors I need. Most of these companies reflect commitments to earlier mixers that got COVID-cancelled. So they got the first crack at trying it again!





  1. craig Allen keefner says:

    Good to see. Though too bad there isn’t a golf tournament day before…

  2. Christian Armstrong says:

    Looking forward to the event Dave!

  3. Mark Bohs says:

    Gives me more reasons to attend DSE!

  4. Edward J Crowley says:

    Glad to see the event is back. I agree with Craig, a golf tournament would be fun and could raise money for charity!! ⛳

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