Inspire Brands Looking For Product Manager Across What Would Be Vast QSR Digital Signage Network

August 18, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I rarely post about jobs here – it is way too labor-intensive to get into that, and stick with it – but this gig looks particularly interesting for someone who is into operations, and has the knack and stomach for possibly having to herd a lot of cats.

Inspire Brands is looking for a Product Manager – Digital Signage – described as “the person responsible for managing the overall relationship between the brand technology teams, Digital Signage vendors, franchisees and the corporate field teams supporting the individual restaurants. It will be critical for this person to be able to take in a lot of feedback from multiple sources to then distill into key themes or issues, prioritize the list and work with the brand restaurant technology teams to create a roadmap to deliver ongoing support and enhancements to the end user.”

Atlanta-based Inspire, if the name does not ring your bell, is the multi-brand restaurant company that runs some 32,000 Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s, Rusty Taco and SONIC Drive-In restaurants worldwide. So if we apply some basic math and attribute three screens for menus to each location (they may not all have digital signage, but work with me here), that could mean the gig involves almost 100,000 screens/endpoints.

I doubt there is one software platform across all those brands and stores. The job posting does say it is looking for someone who has: “Familiarity with digital signage systems, applications, and tools from best-in-class providers (Ex. NCR, Coates Group, Samsung, etc.)”

Of these titles, Dunkin is the one with a substantial digital signage footprint, with something like 40,000 screens.


  1. craig Allen keefner says:

    The only one bigger would be YUM Foods with all its companies (KFC, Taco Bell, etc)

  2. Ryan Nunn says:

    It’s a great gig!

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