More Details And Video Of That Terrific Set Of Screens And Creative At Hong Kong’s Airport

August 15, 2022 by Dave Haynes

More details and visuals are now available on that super-nice experiential set-up developed by Montreal-based Moment Factory for busy sections of Hong Kong’s sprawling international airport.

The airport even has a dedicated web page about the project, calling it a Journey of Discovery.

The signature pieces are a Crystal Elevator in the arrivals area and the Waterfall Gardens, also pre-security.

A big LED display on an elevator tower in the “meeters and greeters” area runs five different custom creative pieces, including a virtual aquarium, a “House of Cute” piece with pets, and a claw and catch arcade piece aimed at kids.

The waterfall piece, which based on the map is nearby, is just that – using a big LED on the face of what I assume is another elevator tower, and extending the creative to a staggered set of LEDs embedded in the floor, to make it look like a brook or stream. That set-up is durable enough to allow people to walk on it, and even has seating around it.

Then there are vertical LED ribbons running ambient creative on 17 tall totems along the central concourse, post-security, below the numbers that locate individual gates. It looks like these totems run flight information and timing when the departure gates are in active use, and then presumably revert to the ambient creative when there are no flights assigned to a gate.

The web page, at the bottom, has three behind the scenes videos …

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