SID Moves Its Annual Display Week To LA For 2023

August 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Society for Information Display has shifted locations for its May 2023 Display Week conference and trade fair, heading down the California coast from San Jose to Los Angeles.

The 60th International Society for Information Display Technical Symposium is set for May 21-26, 2023 at the LA Convention Center. That facility is right downtown, in the immediate orbit of the big sports and entertainment district.

SID’s technical program committee is now casting a net for original papers on all aspects of the research, engineering, application, evaluation, and utilization of displays and imaging technology. You can find out more about paper topics and requirements here.

If you’ve not been to Display Week, it is a show aimed very heavily at the display nerd crowd, and while there is a lot of R&D work at various stages of progress to see and learn about, it helps a lot to be technical. I have gone in the past and find it quite interesting, but I understand maybe 5% of the technical stuff. If you have reasons to want to develop a sense of where display technology is going – in areas such as microLED and quantum dots – it’s worth the trip.

Just be aware this is very different from an InfoComm, in that it is not a hall filled with display vendors trying to out-bling each other. Instead of a giant video wall, a vendor might have one LED cabinet and the people poking around are asking questions about manufacturing yield and color gamut.

I love LA and have not been in a few years, so this might get on my travel list again, assuming some degree of normalcy out there.

  1. James Henry says:

    Display Week is certainly technical but it can also be inspirational to anyone looking to develop a new product that might involve a display. There is both a displays related exhibition and a technical conference. Many of the exhibitors, such as ourselves (Digital View), know the ins and out of working with displays and there are plenty of examples and display experts for anyone looking to discuss new product ideas.

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