Raydiant Launches New Curated Streaming TV Content Via VideoElephant Partnership

August 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

San Francisco CMS software firm Raydiant has taken the interesting step of introducing its own streaming TV app for third-party content, working with a video aggregator to make curated broadcast and web content available to supplement the programming schedules of end-user customers.

Called RaydiantTV, the app that allows businesses to broadcast semi-live content to multiple television screens, and personalize their own advertising components. The launch is a partnership with VideoElephant, a small Irish firm that is nonetheless one of the larger video aggregators out there.

“The launch of RaydiantTV marks another major step towards empowering enterprises to elevate their in-store customer experience, which supports our recent research findings of how 82% of consumers are more likely to return to a physical establishment after a positive in-location experience,” says Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant’s CEO. “For example, soon restaurants will no longer need multiple cable boxes to broadcast sports and news content across dozens of digital screens — RaydiantTV’s cloud-based solution allows them to easily manage all screens from anywhere at any time. Businesses can also choose to run personalized advertisements that highlight their own unique offerings or help run promotions for other local businesses. With this launch, brick-and-mortar enterprises can now decide what content to serve their customers.”

RaydiantTV programming includes news, sports, weather, music, food, and entertainment, with channels such as Bloomberg TV, U.S. Sports, Entertainment Insider, Music Hits, Travel Escapes, U.S. Weather.

It’s an interesting add-on for the company. Marhamat and his team have a bit of a knack for developing partnerships that round out their offer, having already done partnerships with companies that do things like Point Of Sale and audience/shopper analytics.

Raydiant says:

Paired with the Raydiant Experience Platform, RaydiantTV will allow users to choose video content from a diverse library and seamlessly integrate their own media, such as ads or other promotional materials, into the mix. 

In restaurants, front-of-house staff can reclaim the time they would’ve spent flipping through channels at various screens and prioritize serving customers instead. Airports can entertain travelers at their gates while also sharing airport safety tips or country-specific travel guidelines.

This would be, at least to some degree, an answer to companies like Atmosphere that are putting Apple TV boxes in bars and restaurants at no charge, offering dozens of channels of curated streaming content. It would be different from the subscription content services of companies like Screenfeed, Digichief and Datacall, but might be regarded as an alternative for end-users who really want video but also want something curated and controlled … versus risky prospects like free YouTube playlists.

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