LA Digital Billboard Animates Frame, Support To Make It Appear To Float

July 29, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I’m not 100% convinced by the proposition here, but it’s nonetheless interesting that a digital OOH billboard in Los Angeles goes outside the normal dimensions of a roadside screen by also using LED for the frame and the supporting pedestal.

The board is in West Hollywood and is referred to as an “Invisible Frame” – the idea being that by digitizing the supporting structure material the booked ad kinda sorta floats in mid-air. The LED modules on the frame and the pedestal/pylon thingie run visuals that blend in with the surroundings, like the sky and nearby trees.

The board is an 8mm Daktronics display, and the concept was put together in conjunction with Consumer Experience Group (CEG), for client Netflix. The absence of a brand name anywhere on the board suggests the streaming media company owns this board, and not a media company.

It would not add a whole lot of extra hardware cost to do this, relatively speaking. But I’m very curious if passing motorists even notice, and if they do, what does it achieve? But … there are numerous things that impress others and just make me shrug, so who knows. This may be the talk of LA for all I know.

Respect to Jeremy Kolieb at Consumer Experience Group for thinking up and trying something different.


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