Big LED Display Over Stage Collapses During Hong Kong Boy Band Concert

July 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

One of a series of suspended LED displays over a concert stage lost part of its rigging at a boy band concert this evening in Hong Kong, injuring at least two people.

A video from the concert shows boy band performers doing their thing on-stage, below a series of rectangular LED displays suspended overhead. The video suggests the rental/temporary LED panels were suspended by cables and set to rotate over the performers.

At least one dancer was hit on the head and two others were struck when the screen fell backwards, the South China Morning post reported. Later reports suggest two people were injured, one seriously.

Obviously, this is not digital signage but there are lots and lots of suspended LED screens out there – though most go in permanently and few are doing any movements that might increase the risk of failure – from metal fatigue or whatever else caused this. There will be more than a few integration techs having a moment seeing this, and reviewing what he or she did for the suspended screens they deployed.

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