YCD Multimedia Expands Beyond Pure Software To Offer Range of End-User Services

July 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

NYC-based YCD Multimedia has broadened its offer beyond just software to now include a range of managed and specialized services for customers.

The company, known particularly for its video wall software Cnario, now has opt-in solutions for monitoring, managing, hosting, automating, and creating content for digital signage applications, in a wide range of verticals. These services can be bundled with other products, or can be a la carte elements.

“We’ve created these service offerings to help our clients deploy their digital signage content seamlessly, and efficiently. These services work in tandem with our Cnario and RAMP products, to allow clients an effortless way to deploy and manage their digital content assets. Bottom line … these services add value, without adding the anxiety typically experienced in deploying and scaling digital signage projects,” says Dina Townsend, VP of Sales and Marketing-Americas for YCD.

The six new service offerings include:

  1. Proactive Monitoring of deployed networks
  2. Content Management, from partial to fully-outsourced to YCD staff
  3. Server Hosting
  4. Content Templates
  5. Workflow Customization – from tweaked UX to full API/SDK integration and automation
  6. Custom Content Development

The services are detailed here, at https://ycdmultimedia.com/services/.

I’m a bit surprised, at times, when I bump into well-established companies that don’t have some of these services, most notably monitoring and management. Some software companies have had them in place for more than a decade, but it’s a big commitment to bring on and train people for recurring services role.

I dunno the percentages, but get a sense – consistently – that end-users are very open to the idea of outsourcing the day to day of their digital signage networks to a service provider, and they’re particularly happy if that provider also controls the software development and platform (so no finger-pointing if something goes off kilter).

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