Spectrio, Exertis Almo Develop Content Creation Partnership For Digital Signage Networks

July 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I was chatting recently with some senior folks with Spectrio about the level of awareness within the digital signage ecosystem of what all is on offer from the Florida-based digital signage solutions company.

The firm – which I’m noting for disclosure purpose acquired Sixteen:Nine last fall – is certainly known for having a range of software options for signage jobs. What I told the group was that I was unaware, pre-deal, and since then steadily surprised to learn how much creative the company is producing for clients – like 100s of spots per workday.

Now the company is taking steps to gain more users for its content services, in customer conversations, direct marketing and via partnerships, like this new one with the massive pro AV distributor Exertis Almo.

Says PR:

A customer engagement and content creation industry leader, Spectrio offers a Digital Signage content creation product suite that is easy-to-use, scalable and reliable. The new partnership allows Exertis Almo to offer its partners yet another opportunity to amplify and augment their business offering by earning recurring revenue without adding operational costs and in-house experience.

As a result of the partnership, Exertis Almo is now able to provide a dramatically expanded content offering that includes everything from turnkey CMS platforms to fully customizable content creation services. Logo design, video (including drone footage), montage, animation and general photography are also included.

As part of the partnership, Spectrio is among the exhibitors this fall for Exertis Almo’s E4 Experience, a traveling regional show for integrators, resellers and their end users, which is stopping in Washington, D.C. on September 23 and Boston on October 20.

“We wanted to give our partners greater opportunities to serve their customers and reap the benefits of business beyond just hardware sales because those screens are unusable unless there is solid and effective content running on them,” says Cory Allen, director of services for Exertis Almo.

“Through this partnership,” he adds, “Spectrio serves as a trusted advisor, working with the integrator and client as needed to help supply content for the screens, then bring that content to life in a dramatic, unique fashion that not only drives business for the client but creates a continuous revenue stream for the integrator.”

“In partnership with Exertis Almo,” says Chris Cunningham, senior director, channel sales at Spectrio, “we are able to be there at the outset to augment an integrator’s business and provide everything from a simple turnkey solution to completely customized content that can be repurposed and updated on a regular basis with the goal of making it as easy as possible.”

Spectrio says it has a “robust network of full service digital signage and content creation sales engineers, producers, videographers, post-production editors and more on hand and stationed throughout North America, high-quality, professional content can be generated quickly for the scope of the project and at the right price point. Spectrio also offers thousands of pieces of stocked content that can be used multi-purposely for a project or refreshed on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of the client.”


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