On-Demand, Custom Greeting Card Kiosks Launched In UK

July 22, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A UK bricks and mortar greeting cards retailer has paired up with Fujifilm to launch standalone kiosks that can spit out near-instant custom cards, wherever the ATM-like units are located.

The Scribbler-branded kiosks are network connected to handle transactions, manage uptime and also get updates of new card designs. The units will hold more 1,000 designs, allowing retailers to virtually stock a huge range of cards in a small footprint area.

Users just boink away at a touchscreen and develop a card to their liking and needs and then instant-print on the spot, undoubtedly using heavyweight greeting card media paper and a built-in Fujifilm CX3240 printer.

There are a few attractions to this:

“With the introduction of the Scribbler / FUJIFILM kiosks, not only will retailers be able to reduce footprint, stock holding and waste, but consumers will be able to choose and print the perfect card instantly,” says Chris Chater, Head of Commercial Development at Fujifilm UK. “With thousands of designs and templates that can be updated and added to regularly, no customer will leave disappointed that they haven’t found the right card.”

Scribbler has some 30 physical stores around the England, Wales and Scotland, and this set-up creates the opportunity to have many more points of presence.

The kiosk was shown earlier this week at a pre-release event at the Fujifilm House of Photography in London.

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