In-Glass LED Touted For Use As Dynamic Windows And Balustrades

July 22, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a helpful video from UK-based solutions provider Eclipse Digital Media that shows what in-glass transparent LED displays look like from the interior, non-illuminated side and how the things come together.

The company works with Nexnovo, the Chinese manufacturer that seems to specialize in semi-transparent mesh LEDs and this newer in-glass technology.

A warning that if you are past a certain age (or in my case, WELL past), you will want to mute the volume on the video below …

Interestingly, Eclipse has a section on its website marketing what it calls Photoelectric Glass (PG-LED) as an option for outdoor glass barriers/balustrades for use cases like transport stations, tourist sites, stadiums, plazas, shopping malls and public walkways. The  panels, married with safety railing systems, are manufactured with high-density industrial tempered glass as the base material, and “combined with patented integrated-IC technology and Nano film circuits.”

PG-LED is a new one to add to the un-ending list of acronyms for display tech ….

They’re IP65-rated, so they can handle Mother Nature, have pitches as tight as 10mm, and brightness levels of 3,000 nits and higher, meaning they are daylight-viewable. Most high brightness LCDs at drive-thrus and as ad totems are 3,000-3,500 nits.

It’s early days, but assuming the technology is durable and reliable, and the ROI models work, I could see a lot of this sort of thing going in for curtain glass walls on some buildings, and certainly for glass barrier/railing systems in new and refurbished shopping malls and airports.

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