Toledo Wealth Mgmt Firm Lines Walls Of Meeting Space With LCD, LED To Create In-House Lab

July 21, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is a very ambitious and involved lab inside the offices of a wealth management firm in Ohio – with market indicators, charting, TV and social media feeds lining the walls of what appears to be a converted conference room.

It’s in the suburban Toledo offices of Venture Visionary Partners and is intended, according to a case study developed by screen supplier Planar, as a “high-tech space for investment research, planning and analysis.”

The Venture Visionary Lab has one wall with a six foot tall by 18 wide LED wall – I think it’s the one at the rear with all the trading information, and then there are four interactive Clarity Matrix multitouch LCD walls, each 12 wide by 7.5 tall.

There’s also a pair, at least of LED ribbon ticker boards above the LCDs.

The project was put in by solutions provider/integrator BlueWater Technologies, which is just up the road in the Detroit area.

It’s positioned as a collaborative workspace, with staff able to interact with the video walls to manipulate content and bring screens together for comparing investments.

Here’s a video

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