Hisense Expands B2B Pro Display Product Line With New All-In-One LED Units

July 20, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Hisense is a reasonably well-known consumer electronics brands in North America and Europe, but it is nowhere near as known in B2B circles – even though the company has had a digital signage product line available for five years.

Now the B2B side of the Chinese electronics firm has pushed into direct view LED, starting with the user and integrator-friendly concept of all-in-one bundled units.

Hisense says it has a pair of workplace-focused LED display – at 138 & 163 inches diagonal. I don’t see specs on the particularly big fella, but the smaller unit (a relative term here) used conventional SMD LED technology and has a 1.59mm pixel pitch. They run Android 8 via a system on chip set-up.

The company also has everything from conventional 4K LCDs for indoor signage, high brights and series of outdoor LED options. I dunno if Hisense makes these or gets them made by a third party and their brand added.

The main idea behind bundled LED units is that pre-packaged, fixed-size displays are much easier for buyers and resellers to understand than trying to sell based on target resolution, viewing distance and other factors, and then talking about modules and cabinets and control systems. Saying “Think super big TV, but using LED, that comes pretty much ready to go.”

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