Google’s Product Lead On ChromeOS To Do DSE Keynote In November

July 19, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Google’s lead on the ChromeOS file for digital signage and kiosks, among a pile of use-cases, has been announced as a keynote speaker for the Digital Signage Experience (DSE) trade show and conference set for mid-November in Las Vegas.

Naveen Viswanatha, head of product management for ChromeOS, will do a talk Nov. 19 titled: Redefine Your Customer Experience with Modern Kiosk and Signage Solutions.

In Viswanatha’s presentation, says DSE, he will share how cloud-based platforms reduce maintenance requirements and give teams the power to remotely manage any deployed device to deliver seamless experiences. With a comprehensive, fully integrated solution across all devices and peripherals, businesses can become leaders in digital transformation.

“Current kiosk and digital signage solutions are expensive, unreliable, and overly complex, and businesses need technology that modernizes their experience without the difficulties involved in traditional systems,” said Viswanatha. “I look forward to sharing what we’ve learned at Google, built around the end-user computing growth that we have been seeing the last several years.”

“Google is a clear leader in the technology space, and we’re thrilled to have Naveen share his wisdom with our audience,” says David Drain, DSE’s director of event programs. “Google brings a unique viewpoint to the digital signage industry that I am sure many will be interested to hear.”

Smart, engaging guy. I did a podcast interview with Naveen about a month ago. If you missed it, you can listen here …

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