Appspace Gets Even More Focused On Workplace; Launches Unified Platform That Includes Apps, Intranet Solution

July 18, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Appspace’s roots may be in digital signage, but the company now positions itself as providing workplace experience software, with pushing content to screens just one aspect of a more rounded internal communications offer for corporate environments.

The Dallas-based company has launched an all-in-one, unified platform that still has a digital signage application, but also involves an employee app, embedded apps, and intranet capabilities. That unified offer is the end-result of acquiring a software firm focused on intranet solutions late last year. With Beezy’s solution now integrated within Appspace, the company says it has “the first and only workplace experience platform, bringing together enterprises’ physical and digital workplaces to keep in-person and remote teams connected, informed, and engaged.”

“Workplace experience is a new product category, but the organizational needs it addresses are not,” explains Tony DiBenedetto, CEO of Appspace. “As the workplace continues to evolve, global organizations recognize the need to support and engage employees in ways that are inclusive and consistent. Appspace is the only platform to unite the physical and digital work experience, by reducing the siloed nature of communications and workplace management tools and creating a consistent workplace experience across all employee touchpoints.”

Appspace says it also provides workplace solutions that include space reservation, room scheduling, visitor management, interactive kiosks, and wayfinding.

Four Winds Interactive has gone down a similar path, with the Denver company merging last year with an Irish firm, Poppulo, that specialized in employee communications.

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