Business Critical Digital Signage Yearbook, Almost 200 Pages, Now Available As Free Download

July 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The excellent yearbook the German digital signage consulting and content firm Invidis has for many years produced annually for the Europe and Middle East markets now has North American content, and is available as a free download.

It’s a nearly 200-page PDF file loaded with subject matter expert-level content (in English) from the Invidis team and guest contributors, and for the first time, also from Sixteen:Nine. There is a slightly longer sister version of the yearbook available in German. I am not sure if that means there is additional content, or my vague sense that German words have more syllables and therefore more characters.

Publications and reports come out all the time with a lot of hype and promise, but the Invidis yearbook is genuinely the sort of thing that can be called required reading for anyone serious about being in this industry.

The main theme of the yearbook this time around is Business Critical. In many applications and industries, digital signage has become an integral part of the business model. If the screens fail, the business is in a world of pain. This also means that the demands on digital signage have increased many times over.

There is market data, rankings of top companies by business data (not by who buys ads or sponsors things, which can happen with trade publications) and insights into specific markets across Europe and now into the US and Canada.

The technology section focuses on important developments like the state of System on Chip (SoC) and software. There is a deep dive into DOOH, with a focus on the DACH (German) region, and a Digital Signage 101 that has a higher level of sophistication than the “What Is Digital Signage” post on scores of CMS software websites.

The yearbook has a print version, which Invidis distributed last week at its Munich industry summit. But PDFs are eco-friendly and easily circulated. The publication comes together through ad sponsorships, but this is not an advertising vehicle masquerading as editorial. It’s genuinely very good, valuable stuff … even the pieces I wrote!

This is the download link:


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