Hong Kong’s Airport Adds Three New Creative-First Video Walls To Revitalized Terminal One

July 8, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The bustling, to put it mildly, Hong Kong International Airport introduced three new multimedia display walls in Terminal 1 at the start of this month, commissioning Montreal creative technology shop Moment Factory to develop content that celebrates the spirit of that amazing city.

Each installation in the revitalized terminal is “strategically positioned to enhance the passenger experience at key moments in the airport journey,” says Moment in a project brief.

In the landside Meeters and Greeters Hall, departing and arriving travellers are welcomed by a Crystal Elevator that reveals snapshots of Hong Kong culture. Waterfall Gardens encourage moments of repose with a lush interactive ecosystem, while at the departure gates, Totems of Joy combine real-time flight information with creative content to offer each departing traveller a ‘selfie-friendly’ send-off.

“The idea was to create a soothing and calming environment overall, but one that’s also touched by the cleverness of Hong Kong,” says Amy Chartrand, Creative Director, Moment Factory. “Those passing by will glance at the features and find them beautiful, while those who have the time to stop and engage will be rewarded with surprises.”

Moment Factory had earlier done some gorgeous creative work at Singapore Changi Airport and the international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, as well as the wildly-busy Shinjuku Station rail transport hub in central Tokyo.

I really need to find some semi-plausible reason for a business trip to Hong Kong and then Singapore to see this stuff … particularly Changi. Been to the former several times (one of my fave cities, despite how busy it is) but never seen Singapore.

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