That Giant Wraparound LED Billboard In LA Already Running 3D Illusion Creative

July 6, 2022 by Dave Haynes

When that big wrap-around LED display in downtown LA’s entertainment district went live about three weeks ago, I wondered how long it would take for a forced perspective/3D illusion piece of creative to get developed and booked on the screen.

Not long at all, it seems.

This is a nice piece done to promote the League Of Legends online game. The big SNA Displays screen, run by Branded Cities, is on a corner of the Moxy/AC Hotel Downtown Los Angeles complex. The creative is by Riot Games and ILOVEDUST.

Two qualifiers, as always. These pieces look best from a certain angle off the 90 degree turn, and the magic is in the creative. The better the LED screen, the better it looks – but there is no distinct type of LED screen needed to show this kind of visual trickery.

Video here

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