Retired Footballer John Terry Puts A 146″ Samsung MicroLED In His Man Cave

July 5, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I have joked, at times, about how premium microLED video wall displays are beautiful, but the only people who could afford them were oligarchs (maybe not so much now), closers for the Yankees or Premier League footballers.

Turns out retired Premier League footballers also have the sort of disposable income to put microLED videowalls in their man caves.

This is the renovated home cinema room of former England and Chelsea defender John Terry, who as reported by AV Magazine, now has a 146-inch Samsung The Wall on his wall. The reno at the central London home also includes a new swimming pool, tennis courts, a wine and trophy room, and gym, so Terry is not your typical retiree.

He manages to position the screen as useful for his work, and that it will be good for family time. ;-]

Not digital signage, at all, but it addresses the running question of who is buying microLED, which has prices a little too eye-watering for most commercial pro AV jobs.


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