Newish Vegas Strip Attraction Uses Big Projections, Digital Signage To Drive FlyOver Experience

July 5, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A new theme park-style attraction on the Las Vegas Strip makes heavy use of large format projection to drive the experience in pre-show areas and on a big theatre-style, curved screen.

FlyOver Las Vegas opened last fall – taking ticket-buyers on a simulated aerial journey in front of a screen, their legs dangling from suspended seats and tech such as hydraulics, fans, misters and lighting combining to create multi-sensory experiences. The visuals are cued to the locale, so while there are scenes over the Strip, there are also things like red rocks and canyons.

The attraction is right by the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip (where Sixteen:Nine does its mixers), just up from the MGM Grand and across from Park MGM and the arena. Montreal’s Moment Factory has done the evergreen content for the pre-show projections.

The AV integrator on the job was Kraftwerk Living Technologies, an Austrian firm that specializes in this sort of thing and has done FlyOvers in other countries, like Iceland. There is a big one going in to downtown Toronto and another announced for Chicago, on the touristy Navy Pier. Montreal-based Moment Factory also works with the operators on creative.

There are conventional flat panels running in the entry and exit area, showing behind the scenes content, and ticketing uses digital menu boards.

Further in, there are screens in the lobby and bar (it’s Las Vegas, remember), and then floor-to-ceiling projection screens in two pre-show areas.

The two theaters each use three big, edge-blended 45,000 lumens laser projectors.

There are promo videos that show the experience, but this local guy does a thorough walk-through of the experience. Adding this to Illuminarium and the NFL stadium tour to my list for things to check out when I get back to Las Vegas for DSE in November. Based on what’s happening with airports and luggage, I should probably head to the airport now.

InPark Magazine has a deeply detailed piece about FlyOver Vegas here …

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