LED On Film Getting Tighter And Brighter

July 5, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to industry vet Alan Brawn, who noted this transparent LED tech on Linkedin

As he said in sharing this, transparent LED on glass is getting steadily tighter and generally better. A Chinese firm, Shenzhen MVX Device, has started marketing Muxwave transparent LED displays that can have pixel pitches as tight as 4mm on some sort of film that gets attached to the inside of windows and glass dividers.

The company suggests on Linkedin it can go to 2.5mm, which would qualify as fine pitch. But the product PDF sent to me lists 3.9mm as the tightest pitch, which is still pretty tight. LG, by comparison, markets a film for the same kind of application that is 14mm pixel pitch.

The challenge with tighter pitches is that the transparency is reduced, because there is more electronics packed into the film to boost the pixel density. The 3.9mm has 50% transparency, for example, while the 8mm has 70%.

I have no idea what these displays look like from the rear, which is a particular issue with hard mesh LED cabinets that are also semi-transparent but can look like anti-theft grills from the non-illuminated side. But from the front, mesh looks very good. The brightness is there, at 4,000 nits, to use this display tech in outside-facing situations.

This video below shows a few shops where the displays are being used in the mall-facing windows. There is a second video showing a window facing outside at a car dealership. I am assured it is the real deal, though it looks a little suspicious to me (where are the reflections off the parked car windows?)

Whatever the case, as Mr. Brawn notes, the tech is coming nicely along and, in the right circumstances, can change the proposition from putting a flat panel display in a shop window to making the window the display.

  1. George says:

    These videos are all fake, not real projects. Please check your sources before posting this. If you like transparent LED and LED film there are several real projects, mostly in China and South Korea.

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      I directly asked the sales person if the videos were captures of installed projects and the answer was yes. As noted in the post, I am skeptical about the auto dealer one. I am aware of numerous transparent display projects in Asia and if you check the archives, will see they have been covered extensively.

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