Smart City Technology Firm SmartLINK Rebrands As RoveIQ

June 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A Cincinnati-area company focused on smart city applications has changed its brand in a move designed to more closely align with its solutions. The net result is smartLINK is now known as RoveIQ – a nod to the idea that people need guidance when they are out wondering in physical spaces like city centers.

“The name RoveIQ much better represents how we enrich lives through intelligent software designed to move humans both physically and emotionally,” the company explains in an email blast today. “The word ‘Rove’ refers to the company’s mission – to help enrich people’s lives through wandering and discovering – and the ‘IQ’ suggests exploring leveraging intelligent software with the best information possible, gathered from locals and experts.”

In today’s current environment, there is a strong desire for people to get out and explore. RoveIQ helps them discover even more than they imagined, so they can feel like an insider even if they’ve never visited a place before.  The emphasis of our brand promise will continue to be creating new and exciting experiences with our software that help visitors navigate their spaces and find the locations and amenities they need, all while having an amazing experience that makes them want to come back. 

The company is actually based in Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati (a city name I always have to spell-check myself on).

RoveIQ says it develops software that operates on indoor and outdoor interactive displays, as well as through computer and smartphone browsers. With Rove iQ, businesses and organizations provide customized, 3D maps that help visitors navigate their spaces, while also serving up additional information such as augmented reality selfies, coupons, current events and advertising. The software provides properties with data analytics, allowing owners and managers to gain meaningful insights and generate additional digital out-of-home advertising revenue. Rove iQ creates an opportunity for mixed-use real estate developments and all types of venues to better communicate with and engage visitors, as well as make their experiences seamless, easy and enjoyable.

Some of its higher profile locations include the Miami Design District, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA (which sounds like a reality show I’d never watch), and Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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