Self Service Kiosks Up Order Values By 18.5% During Burger Chain’s Pilot; Triggers Rollout

June 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Samsung just got a nice little story to share around about the impact its little all-in-one kiosks can have on sales at for a fast casual food chain – touting pilot results that suggest the units boosted average order sizes by 18.5%.

Those results undoubtedly influenced a decision by Florida-based BurgerFi – which focuses on guess what – to start rolling the kiosks out in corporate-owned locations in Florida, working with  the self-service ordering tech firm GRUBBRR.

Says PR:

In December 2021, BurgerFi launched a pilot program with GRUBBRR to test the effectiveness of self-ordering technology to decrease operating costs, minimize dependency on labor, increase revenue, and provide customers with a better overall experience. Throughout the pilot, the Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR showed significant lift in sales, with average ticket sizes increasing by 18.5% and 52% of customers opting into upsells. The Kiosk also absorbed up to 133 orders per day on average, accounting for 75% of total orders placed in the store and 78% of net sales.

Following the successful pilot, BurgerFi selected GRUBBRR as its exclusive self-ordering technology provider. The kiosks are currently being deployed across all of BurgerFi’s corporate locations, while franchises will have the opportunity to opt-in, as well.

“From upselling menu items to digital processing, and the newfound ability to offer our entire menu in real-time, the operational and technological benefits of GRUBBRR kiosks are tremendous,” says Karl Goodhew, Chief Technology Officer at BurgerFi. “We look forward to our continued partnership and cannot wait to see what’s in store for us next.”

Samsung’s Kiosks

“Samsung’s Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR’s software solution with Samsung’s MagicInfo Cloud, provided an all-in-one solution for BurgerFi that delivered stronger business results and signaled a best practice when it comes to the future of QSR dining trends,” says Harry Patz Jr., who runs the display division for Samsung in the U.S. “The pilot program was pivotal to BurgerFi’s decision to standardize Samsung’s kiosk solution so that they could deliver a seamless customer experience, eliminate ordering errors, and allow for easy integration of loyalty programs and discount codes.”

“BurgerFi is a known innovator when it comes to implementing digital technologies,” says Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR. “By automating tedious or routine tasks, restaurants such as BurgerFi are able to run their operations more efficiently with less labor, thereby saving on labor costs while maintaining a great customer experience.”

BurgerFi has 27 corporate owned restaurants, so this is not going to make Samsung’s year. But it’s a notable win for a relatively new product, and also reflects how self-service is going to be increasingly prevalent in the food services business, coming out of COVID. The units reduce labor demands and one to one contacts (health safety), but they also do the boring but valuable stuff like reliably try to upsell during the order process. With more than 50% responding to upsells, it’s significant.


  1. craig Allen keefner says:

    I think demonstrating downstream “supplemental” products like this by Samsung at big meetings with chains will increase the odds of “just going with Samsung and getting all our stuff there…” Grubbrr (and Clover for that matter) are both along for the ride.

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