Atedra Spins Out Adstanding As Standalone Programmatic DOOH Business

June 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Writing about programmatic platforms for Digital OOH networks tends to make me a little antsy, because the ad sector has its own terminology and there’s a lot to both learn and decode.

What I do know is that just like there are lots of CMS software options for end-users looking to put messages on screens, there’s no end of programmatic platforms (the term du jour seems to be dDOOH) out there for media buyers and sellers, with more coming in all the time – like a new Toronto-based spin-out called Adstanding.

Atedra, which markets digital advertising solutions, has launched Adstanding as an independent company “focused exclusively on redefining Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising. The boutique, demand-side programmatic platform will focus exclusively at first on DOOH.”

I thought over the top had to do with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but …

Adstanding’s brand new self-service application is a singular destination for brands, media buyers, and inventory providers for DOOH planning and buying. Advertisers can use Adstanding’s platform to access a network of 250,000 digital screens across 30 different environments and generate as many as 42 billion impressions each month. The company launches with partnerships with major OOH media owners and programmatic platform providers across North America.

“We are excited to see Atedra spin out its OTT division into an independent company,” says Pierre-Antoine Fradet, CEO of Adstanding. “Adstanding launches as a standalone company with 16 years of adtech expertise and four years of DOOH growth. We are incredibly proud of our achievements so far and the aggressive growth plan in front of us.”

Using Adstanding’s self-service tools, the company says, “any advertiser can book a campaign with just a few clicks, no matter their level of DOOH buying experience.”

“Adstanding demystifies and simplifies programmatic buying and selling of DOOH, enabling any marketer no matter their level of OOH proficiency to execute innovative campaigns, create meaningful connections with consumers, and deliver measurable ROI,” says Genevieve Michaud, VP Alliances for the spin-off.

At launch, Adstanding includes digital inventory located in North America.  The company has media avails from networks that range from big OOH operators like Lamar and Branded Cities to some smaller, less familiar ones like MaxTV and IZON.

The parent company seems to be based in Toronto, but there are offices in Montreal and New York.

In terms of what makes this distinct from platforms on the market, there may be many things for all I know … but I’ve got nothing. I tend to regard Digital OOH as a separate ad tech industry that uses digital signage technologies, as opposed to being directly in the digital signage ecosystem. It’s a debatable topic, but keeps me (somewhat) sane.

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