AOPEN’s New Ace Series Pushes New Chrome OS Flex Capabilities

June 23, 2022 by Dave Haynes

One of the interesting outcomes of Google’s Chrome OS Flex software is that companies like AOPEN, which has long been selling Chrome OS-based media players intended for digital signage, can now market new boxes that are not necessarily pinned to a specific operating system.

The Taiwan manufacturer, part of the Acer Group, has started touting a new series of small form factor player PCs that can be used for Windows, Linux or Chrome OS, or theoretically all three on a blended network (though not sure why someone would do that with all-new boxes).

The all-new AOPEN ACE series, says AOPEN in PR, “adds unique, game-changing flexibility – offering Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS Flex on all AOPEN ACE commercial devices. Chrome OS Flex is a fast, secure, cloud-first, easy-to-manage operating system that enables Chrome OS on certified, cross-platform devices. Since producing its first commercial Chrome devices in 2015, AOPEN has become the single choice for users who require reliable hardware for mission-critical applications. The AOPEN ACE series is enhanced with individualized, professional support for Chrome OS Flex so your business can maintain parity in its fleet of devices.”

“Stemming supply chain issues, AOPEN has untangled device selection and compatibility. The AOPEN ACE series is flexible, reliable with fewer limitations,” says Aaron Pompey, President, AOPEN Pan America.

Just like in playing cards, there are four Aces: The AOPEN ACE Mini (DE3650-S), AOPEN ACE Plus (DE3650), AOPEN ACE Max (DEX5750), and AOPEN ACE Xtreme (DEX5750-W) are designed and purpose-built for key channel partner segments. As disruptive trends further shape key industries like automotive and retail, AOPEN devices are increasingly the choice to power large-scale projects in extreme temperature environments. By simplifying device selection and offering a wider, more unique range of options, the AOPEN ACE Series closes the gaps and mitigates the headaches, across customers and channels. Channel partners now easily meet the demands of a broad spectrum of client needs with streamlined solution offerings – accelerating procurement and deployment schedules at competitive price points.

AOPEN industry fail rates are the lowest and AOPEN ACE models all come with a standard three-year warranty. AOPEN is known for producing virtually zero maintenance solutions: identifying the right components for ideal performance and stability and collaborating with partners and customers to optimize results. The AOPEN ACE line refines that successful formula and delivers a lineage of proven reliability and purpose-driven design.

With the AOPEN ACE series, AOPEN partners and end-users no longer have to choose between flexibility and reliability, or limit device choices to pre-configured PCs. The new AOPEN ACE series effectively solves for high-priority post-pandemic trends and continues to raise the bar across mass scale, powerful displays, video walls, and outdoor solutions.

AOPEN says its commercial products have a  <2% fail rate for units running Windows/Linux, and <1% for ChromeOS. A look through social media posts suggests high reliability is now a key message for the company.

The Sixteen:Nine Podcast this week digs into Chrome OS with the Google Product Manager on the file:

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