Steel Giant’s VIP Bus Has Windows Overlaid With Transparent OLEDs

June 21, 2022 by Dave Haynes

All the information is in Korean and doesn’t give me many answers when translated, but I was nonetheless intrigued by this Youtube video of a bus specially kitted out with transparent OLED displays in all the windows.

It was done by Hyun Sun Display, a Korean specialty display and integration company for Posco, a huge steel company in that country.

I don’t think I have ever seen a bus set up like this – with the seats up the middle and dual aisles along the windows. but it is described as a VIP bus. So maybe this is how the company does plant tours for major customers.

It’s interesting to see how transparent OLED – LG’s, we can safely assume – do in daylight conditions. OLEDs are gorgeous but they are self-illuminating, so not necessarily well-suited to high brightness conditions. They look OK here, though.

Transparent OLED has been demonstrated for subway cars, as well, but those systems tend to run in tunnels and stations where ambient lighting is not the same challenge. I like this stuff because it is a bit like AR/XR applications, in that what people see is complemented with digital overlays … without needing glasses or goggles or making people see the world through a 6-inch smartphone screen.

This would be very good for tour buses and passenger trains that do scheduled scenic tours. But I can’t speak for the financial viability of doing that.

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