India’s Pickcel Adds To 80K Screen Footprint With Fitness Club Deal

June 21, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Indian economy is among the Top 5 in the world – larger than France and the UK – so it is reasonable to assume it could be an opportune market for digital signage technology. While there are some western CMS software companies that outsource development to India, it’s still rare to bump into a software company that was started and runs out of there, serving customers in multiple countries.

Bangalore-based Pickcel has been around since 2014, and now says it has some 1,500 medium and large-scale businesses across more than 30 countries, driving 80,000 screens. One device can drive 20 screens in a big box store’s TV section, so my benchmark is more with devices/endpoints. But whatever the case, the company has some genuine scale.

I mention this because Pickcel pushed out PR saying it has a new deal to drive more than 350 screens at fitness centers and the operator’s offices in 15 cities across India. The project involves more than 230 Cult.Fit workout stations operated by Cure.Fit.

The fitness enterprise, says the PR, wanted to have strong internal communication at their corporate offices. Alongside, they wanted to reach out to their Cult.Fit customers with an array of information on a daily basis. Digital signage deployment was the most suited solution for it. So, they approached Pickcel, and the outcome left the company with no scope for complaints.

Pickcel’s cloud-based corporate digital signage solution has enabled the Cure.Fit offices to enjoy advanced enterprise-level communication with quick updates on meeting schedules, holiday notices, welcome messages to new recruits, birthday wishes to employees, and more. The Cult.Fit centers can now connect with customers in style with fantastic visuals and engaging content for gym class timings, new offers & packages, membership programs, fitness tips, diet plans, special notices, etc.

The PR continues:

Cure.Fit offices and Cult.Fit gyms, both had screens that ran on different digital display players like Windows, Chrome, Android, and Linux. So, initially, the enterprise brooded over the matter of compatibility. But, the impasse has been turned away quite easily by the Pickcel team, owing to the hardware-agnostic digital signage software.

The fitness & lifestyle enterprise also wanted the digital signage solution to be easy-to-use and bendable enough so that the non-tech-savvy staff of the company could effortlessly handle it. Since Pickcel software already had a user-friendly UI, fulfilling this requirement was no challenge for the team. The software got configured on 350+ screens of varied sizes at the offices and Cult.Fit centers across the country with zero compatibility issues. Assistance for training about handling the digital sign software and managing the applications & widgets was offered by the Pickcel team. For a few days following the software deployment, Pickcel experts kept connecting with the designated employees of Cure.Fit to help them get equipped.

Pickcel also has some sort of business partnership with Etisalat, a very deep-pocketed telecoms firm in the Arabian Gulf region.


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