Public Display Shipments Slipped In Q1; Attributed to China Lockdowns, Ukraine, And Time Of Year – Omdia Research

June 13, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The research firm Omdia says the global market for what it calls public displays (basically commercial/Pro AV-grade displays) declined by 2.1% in the first quarter of 2022 from the previous quarter – owing in part to typical slowdowns in that period but also to domestic lockdowns in China and VladimirPutin’s ambitions.

Says Tay Taehoon Kim of Omdia, in a Linkedin post:

Overall, first-quarter results for public displays were negative QoQ because the interactive flat panel (IFP)/touch display and video wall categories declined by 16% and 8.9% QoQ, respectively.

Among brands, Chinese brands saw declines in their shipment numbers this quarter, whereas Samsung and LG Electronics demonstrated solid performances with 31.4% and 14% increases, respectively. This was primarily because of the fierce competition from multiple channels outside China in 1Q22. The fiscal year-end effect in the Japanese market resulted in a significant increase in public display shipments, from 44,000 units in 4Q21 to 80,000 units in 1Q22. This can be attributed to brands including Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic.

Omdia expects further recovery for the professional audio/visual (pro AV) sector to continue in 2022; however, 2Q22 performance remains unclear owing to several factors. The effects of COVID-19 and new variants still emerging continue to be concerns, but with high vaccination rates in many countries, the transition to endemic is not expected to have as significant of an impact on overall recovery. Uncertainties persist in China and Eastern Europe regions; restrictions on trade activities, economic sanctions toward Russia, supply chain issues, and exceptionally high inflation rates may impede a stronger resurgence of the overall industry.

The comments are highlights from a much larger report, but that’s behind a $$$ paywall.

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