Transparent OLEDs Tiled To Create Dynamic Window In Korean Retail Bakery

June 3, 2022 by Dave Haynes

LG has been floating a variety of possible use-cases for its transparent OLED displays – with dynamic messaging on things like subway car windows and sliding glass entry doors to stores.

Now it is touting how a retail bakery in South Korea has tiled a set of the see-through displays to create a window looking into the back of house, where the baguettes are made.  A video shows how the window gets steadily filled with smiling emojis.

Interesting, I guess … acknowledging what just puzzles me might excite and amaze others. I like the idea of windows that can surprise people with pop-up visuals, as well as the more utilitarian aspects of COVID-era health safety dividers that could also show information, like order confirmations. The challenge is OLEDs are expensive and the transparent ones are particularly so because of the relatively low (let’s safely assume) production volumes.

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