Three Years After Acquisition, Broadsign Rebrands Campsite Ad Exchange As Broadsign Ads

June 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

A little more than three years after acquiring the programmatic ad exchange Campsite, Digital OOH-focused software company Broadsign has rebranded the service as Broadsign Ads.
Started in Montreal, like Broadsign, Campsite was a programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) demand side platform. Focused at first on the domestic market, Campsite also has reach now into the U.S. and Australia.
The PR on the name change says:
With the Broadsign Ads rebrand and geographic expansion, media buyers in the U.S. and Australia can now access the platform’s intuitive, powerful campaign workflows, which helped pave the way for pDOOH in Canada. Platform advantages include: 

“Between increasing consumer screen fatigue and the target on the cookie’s back, DOOH is approaching a new era of growth. Broadsign Ads makes DOOH ad buying more transparent and as accessible as online and mobile. It combines the core functionality of Campsite with Broadsign best practices and technology,” says John Dolan, VP and Global Head of Media Sales, Broadsign. “The Broadsign Ads rebrand and expansion into the U.S. and Australia represents a crucial next step in DOOH’s evolution, enabling new and seasoned digital marketing agencies, brands, and local businesses to realize the full potential of OOH.”

I’m not close enough to the Digital OOH market, and I go cross-eyed trying to sort through all the programmatic companies and options, but at a base level it would seem to make infinite sense to not have competing brands under one relatively small roof. This is all about ads, and Broadsign Ads says that much more clearly than Campsite.

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