Bluefin Adds Windows 10 All-In-One Screens Via New Seneca Partnership

June 1, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The all-in-one display company Bluefin has added Windows 10 IoT to its options for its smaller-format, retail-centric range of merchandising and marketing displays, through a new partnership with the custom PC firm Seneca.

The units range in size from 13-32 inches, use an Intel Celeron processor and have touchscreen overlays.

Bluefin got into digital signage by making digital photo frames into networked players, and has grown the capabilities and sophistication through the years by adding support for Android and, particularly, an embedded Brightsign player. Adding Windows would remove a potential barrier for end-users and the companies who support them that have standardized on Windows or just have that preference. The units will ship with Seneca’s Maestro configuration/optimization software.

This is the first time, I think (but could be wrong), that Seneca’s Intel-driven technology is under the hood of an all-in-one display. The company, owned by the huge distribution firm Arrow, is mainly known in digital signage circles for special-purpose, high demand PCs for jobs like video walls, and for making pro AV-ready (rugged and tuned) versions of small format PCs like the Intel NUC design.

The unit will debut next week in Las Vegas at InfoComm, at Bluefin’s stand.  Note how this is another company that “gets” how announcing a new product ahead of a show makes more sense than doing it immediately before or during a show.

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