BrightSign Previewing Beefy New 8K-Capable Players At InfoComm

May 31, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I’m going to interrupt this post with an important note – basically saying: See what BrightSign did here?

The company is announcing a new product a week out from a big trade show, instead of announcing it during or immediately before the show, when people are too busy traveling, preparing or doing other things related to their business trip. PR and product marketing people: Make your announcements before the show, so the people you want to get interested have the time to read it, and can make plans to see it when they go to the show. Not many trade show attendees are walking exhibit hall floors or crashing, exhausted, in their hotel rooms reading press releases.

Anyway, rant over …

BrightSign has announced with will be providing first looks next week at InfoComm next week at the first new players unveiled by the company in nearly two years.

“To call our new XC5 media players an evolution of our existing media player lineup would do them a disservice. We’ve created the market’s most powerful solid-state media players by making exponential leaps in performance that simply can’t be matched by competitive offerings,” says CEO Jeff Hastings. “But we didn’t build these new players on specs alone. We worked closely with many of our top CMS partners to understand the performance and useability features they value most. Their feedback was invaluable as we refined this new offering, and we’re confident that our newest hardware will be embraced by our partners across the industry.”

There are two versions of the XC5. “Both models offer the company’s most powerful HTML5/graphics engine to-date, with graphics performance improvement of up to 10X compared to their predecessors. Both models support 8K output – one model offering dual HDMI-out (up to two 4K or one 8K) and the other offering quad HDMI-out (up to four 4K or one 8K). The new XC5 models represent an upward expansion of BrightSign’s media player portfolio, as the LS, HD, XD and XT models will continue to be sold into the channel.”

The units don’t yet have pricing and won’t be shipping, the company says, until Q4.

The little purple boxes look much like the existing line-up … little and purple.

  1. Drew Harding says:

    We’re truly excited about bringing support for the XC5 series, multi output / 8K players to customers of embed signage – a great leap by BrightSign LLC #excitingtimesahead 👏

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