Tech Firm’s NYC Offices Use LED Video Walls To Energize Elevator Wait Lobbies

May 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Readers may have noticed how the odd post about a corporate project goes up … and then disappears – in pretty much every case because the vendor didn’t secure any or all of the permissions needed to use the client name and images in press material. I had one of those earlier in the week.

Here’s how specialty display manufacturer Planar worked around that approvals issue – running a case study that only references a “confidential global tech company” as the customer.

This confidential global tech company with a 7-floor office in New York City’s Times Square deployed a 25′ x 4′, wall-mounted Planar CarbonLight CLI Series LED video wall that wraps around a 90-degree corner and seamlessly blends with another 22′ x 6′ LED video wall mounted on the ceiling. On another floor they incorporated a 20′ x 5′ ceiling-mounted LED video wall.

These are in the elevator wait lobbies – another indication that a combination of pricing and awareness (and probably some other factors) are triggering investments in LED video walls beyond the main lobbies of buildings and into the everyday workspaces of larger, deeper-pocketed firms.

The use of technology and creative has been seen as a way to attract and retain tenants, and recruit new hires. But in the (sort of) post-COVID work world, cool, visually interesting spaces are also a way to get remote workers interested and excited about coming in to the main office for meetings or workdays.

More photos here …

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