London’s New Elizabeth Line Adds 300+ New Screens To City’s Rail System

May 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Services started running this morning on the Elizabeth Line, a new railway service running through central London.

The new line, years in development, includes nine brand new stations added to the London Underground map. As you might expect, starting from scratch enabled Transport For London to design in a lot of digital to inform, guide and update users. And also, as is the case with just about every big city subway system, there are lots of digital ad positions.

The media company Global has the digital OOH ad concession for the stations on the new line, named after the Queen. Our German content partner Invidis reports there are 329 installations, including seven fully movable LED strips. “A total of 234 displays in 16 rows are attached to the edges of the platform stones. In addition, four Ultra HD digital gateway screens are installed in the stations. The largest screen, measuring 28 square meters, hangs above the escalators at the Tottenham Court Road station. 32 digital billboards hang at ticket sales points and other clearly visible places.”

The ad positions are pretty standard stuff, but what I like are the screens at the ticketing machines – very reminiscent of airport FIDS set-ups – and particularly on the platform over the rail car entry points, showing next train information.

Invidis has a detailed post (in German, but it should auto-translate) on the DOOH set-up here … 


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