Barco’s ClickShare Tech Gets Digital Signage-Enabled Via Signagelive Partnership

May 11, 2022 by Dave Haynes

As consumer and workplace devices have grown increasingly smart and reliably connected, it’s been natural for people on the technology side of digital signage to wonder if they could also function as media players.

Barco’s ClickShare product line was introduced a few years ago as a means of enabling easy, almost seamless sharing from laptops brought to meetings to the big screens in conference rooms.

Now UK-based CMS software firm Signagelive has announced a partnership with Belgium-based technology manufacturer Barco that enables ClickShare-enabled meeting room systems to double up as digital signage.

Says the PR:

Simply by activating a Signagelive standard or web-based licence, IT decision makers can now unlock the value of ClickShare room systems as cost-effective digital signage for meeting rooms, boardrooms and huddle spaces. 

No additional investment or resource is needed for dedicated hardware and software, nor any specialist training for businesses already familiar with both Signagelive and ClickShare.

“The integration of Signagelive with ClickShare is another step forward, streamlining costs, as well as the time and resource usually allocated to digital signage projects,” says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive.

“With digital transformation now an imperative for businesses everywhere, it’s important for us to make it easier and more viable for customers to embrace the possibilities offered by digital signage strategies.

“In this case, through our partnership with Barco, we are now able to transform ClickShare agnostic, wireless room systems into all-in-one multimedia platforms from which wireless conferencing and presentations, as well as digital signage can be delivered.”

ClickShare room systems are easy to use for digital signage, only requiring users to replace URLS for static holding images with the Signagelive browser player on the ClickShare device being used.

“We’re happy to partner with Signagelive on this next step for Barco ClickShare. Expanding the integration capabilities with digital signage, means offering our end-customers additional opportunities to maximize their technology investments and increase the ROI of their meeting spaces,” says Lieven Bertier, Segment Marketing Director Workplace.

Like all other Signagelive players, they are able to schedule and publish a dynamic range of content, including imagery and web pages, as well as the 500+ free-to-use and subscription-based applications from the Signagelive Marketplace. Through third-party platforms, such as YouTube and IBM Cloud Video, they can also broadcast video files.

There’s more on the set-up here

There are at least a couple of other companies that have solutions based on screen sharing hardware, like dongles. Air Squirrels has something called Ditto, and the Danish firm AirTame also has a digital signage solution using its dongle, which is similar in looks and size to a ChromeCast.

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